Competition Time

Competition Number 1

After overwhelming participation in this first ever competition on the "Dr. Feelgood's Practice" website, after days and days of pondering over entries, after several attempts of bribery, after fearing for my life because of overenthusiastic participants, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner! Andy Morton, I hope you will enjoy it. The CD "Down At The Doctors" is on the way! July 2000!

Competition Number 2

The second competition was even worse. I'm having burn out syndroms. Stress related, the doctor says! I shouldn't work so hard on these competitions and take it more easy, the doctor says! He's prescribing me a shot of rythm'n'blues to take my mind off things! Strange kind of doctor this, it's a doctor that makes you feel good. When I checked last time, the sign at the door still said "Dr. Feelgood's Practice". Now, our winner this time around: Berny Birkenkämper. The tour programme is yours! Thanks for participating! November 2000!

Competition Number 3

Competition number 3 is over. Thanks to all of you who took their time to participate. We do have a winner. But, let me first say, I butchered this up. About 10 days ago my PC caught a virus (opened an attachment something along "readers_digest.txt.vbs" and my computer was done for). Everything that was not on a back up went to data heaven. The entries were NOT on the back up. I was brooding over wether I should extend the deadline to give everybody a chance to send in a second entry or wether I should try to piece it together from what I can remember. This is all unfair. I mean, I can't ask you to participate again and I can't remember the answers some of you gave (can't even remember all of you who've participated, let alone the answers). What I did remember was the first entry I got (two different ones in fact). I've declared this person the winner. Roberto Pettarini is the winner! The CD "Doctors In Disguise" by "Doctor's Order" (sponsored by the band and signed by all three members) is on the way. (April 2001)

Anyway, here are the answers:

Arto "Lil'Archie" Hämäläinen (guitars) Gibson (Les Paul) & Ibanez Musician
Timppa "Madman" Väätäinen (drums) Ludwig
Teppo "Teddy Bear" Nättilä (bass) Gibson (Ripper)

Competition Number 4

The fourth in an ongoing series of competitions is over: Correct entries would have been: 

Spanish "Monkey" Single
Dutch "Sneakin' Suspicion" Single

No winners! Not a single correct entry received! I didn't say it was easy, but you can blame Rane for the question. Although I should have thought there are one or two Dr. Feelgood fans out there who can spot the pigeon.

Competition Number 5

That was an easy one. I didn't delete the entries (double backup), not a single answer wrong and a satisfying participation (wait when I ask my usual standard question the next time around, I'll be lucky to get one entry). The two CD's from Doctor's Order (again sponsored by the band, muchas gracias amigos!) will be sent to Julian Rochester directly from Finland. Enjoy the music! It's the real thing, no fake stuff here! On doctor's order, you'll have to crank up your stereo when listening to the CD's. Thanks to all for your entries. 

Who was the previous owner of Timppa "MadMan" Väätäinen's drumset?

Answer: Vinny Appice

Competition Number 6

As predicted, one entry bagged the lot. What you had to do was the following: 

Tell in no less than 100 words why "Dr. Feelgood" should pack it in and why you'll be throwing a party and get pissed out of your head the day this is officially announced!

The (one and only) answer received went like this:

"Dr Feelgood" should pack it in because

There are no original members left.
Robert Kane is a lousy singer.
Robert Kane is a lousy harp player.
Robert Kane is too feminine to be a frontman of a rhythm'n blues band (although this is a bit of an insult to feminine men which I generally don't have anything against).
The current line-up brings shame on the memory of Lee Brilleaux by trying to make-believe that Lee would have wanted the band to go on in ANY case. THIS is hardly the case.
The band is also trying to make-believe that they are carrying on the spirit of original Dr Feelgood. One only has to listen to the current band and, say, Live at the BBC 1974-5. Again, THIS IS HARDLY THE CASE.
While they're still using the name, they are misleading young, innocent and less experienced music lovers around the world. They are also misleading old fans that haven't been around for awhile.. (well, make that a long and ignorant while).
Withheld on request ... (I do honour such wishes)
Because Robert Kane is a .... (Deleted, I've got no spare cash to pay lawyers)
Because they're a bunch of .... (Deleted again, for the very same reasons)
Eer.. How about reconsidering your choices for prizes for this competition, eh? ..can't expect too many answers..

The winner bagged the following:

2 Promo CD's of "Chess Masters" in card sleeves
1 Promo CD-R of "Chess Masters" with title sleeve only (official promo)
1 Stock Copy CD of "Chess Masters"
1 Stock Copy CD "Live In Concert" (It says "Speeding Thru Europe", but that's a misprint)

I'm left wondering where this will end up. Car boot sale? Local pub darts competition? Well, the winner takes it all and I will not take it back.