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An Interview With Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris is the drummer of the famous british rythm'n'blues-band "Dr. Feelgood". The band, whose original singer and harpplayer died in 1994, will perform with new singer Pete Gage at the "Atlantis".

Q: Kevin Morris, after a few months off the road, Dr. Feelgood is back on the road again. How did the band get over Lee's death?
A: It's now exactly 2 years, since we've been touring. When Lee Brilleaux died of cancer, we didn't believe the band would have a future. We all played in various bands, almost exclusively in England. Then we met Pete Gage, he's the right man for us. That's when we decided to go back to touring.
Q: What does the new line-up of Dr. Feelgood look like?
A: The line-up consists now of Pete Gage (vocals and harp), Steve Whirlwind (guitar), Phil Mitchell (bass) and Kevin Morris (drums).
Q: On your current swiss tour, you present your brand new cd-compilation "Looking Back". What can the public expect from this compilation?
A: This cd-set has been compiled by experts in cooperation with EMI Records and our own label Grand Records. It has all the well known hits as well as a few unreleased songs plus a few interviews with Lee Brilleaux.
Q: Critical minds will say, that the new band is not the same as the group from the Lee Brilleaux era.
A: Straight from the beginning, we were aware of the fact that there would be people thinking this. With the few gigs we had so far, we had a very good feedback with the audience and the concert promoters.
Q: Which well known songs will you be playing on Sunday December 3 at the "Atlantis".
A: We'll play songs from every Dr. Feelgood era - from 1972 up to now plus a few new songs that will be on our next album.
Q: What's in the works for next year?
A: We'll be touring with Canned Heat and Luther Allison in January in Germany, there'll be gigs in England in March together with the Blues Band. We'll record our new album in the spring at the Mushroom Studios near Southend/Essex. It'll be released in May or June 1996!

An Interview With Pete Gage

Dr. Feelgood, the famous british rythm'n'blues band comes to Basel during their current tour. The hardrocking foursome will present their new album "On The Road Again" at the Atlantis on November 3 and 4. We've been talking to singer Pete Gage.

Q: What were the bands you've participated in prior to joining Dr. Feelgood?
A: I've been touring with the Pete Gage Band from 1992 up to 1995. We played mostly in the Bristol and London area. Before that, I was playing with the Londoner soul-blues-band The Blazers. Between 1988 and 1992 I took the mike in the band The Pink Torpedoes which were from Bristol.
Q: What's the musical trend of the current Dr. Feelgood?
A: We've decided to keep our rythm'n'blues feeling. Since we are all hardcore bluesfans, we'll probably drift into even more bluesier areas. However, Dr. Feelgood will remain a hard, dynamic rythm'n'blues formation.
Q: What can you tell us about the new album "On The Road Again".
A: We're very satisfied with the results. Besides songs by Peter Green, there are also various tracks by our guitarist Steve Walwyn. He's the best songwriter in the band.
Q: What's your current choice of songs?
A: We'll play all our top hits - Milk And Alcohol, Down At The Doctors, Roxette, Back In The Night and Mad Man Blues.

Please note how Steve's name is spelled in the interview with Kevin Morris. Both interviews are from the Basler Zeitung and are by Lukas Mueller. They are in german and I've done the translation (sorry about that). I have a few articles with gig reviews etc. I'll try to have them all on this website eventually.

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