Recommended Listening

Mighty Four "Swinging Like A Brickwall"

"Swinging Like A Brickwall"? No, not at all, at least if one takes this statement at face value. While a brickwall might slightly swing it'd be in a rather primitive fashion. This here is much to elegant to be a bricklayers work. No offense meant to all bricklayers in the world!

On guitar is Archie Hämäläinen (of Doctor's Order fame). The others I don't know. I seem to remember that I was being told about Palmu (sax and vocals) a couple of times. But it's really all lost in the mists of time. Ari Berghäll is on upright bass (and vocals as well) and Kimmo Oikarinen is the drummer.

This is in fact music you'd enjoy in good company with a glass or two of the finest. "I Know You Are Hot", "Sherry Flip" and "Let's Have Some Fun" start the proceedings. Then there's the "Mighty Four Boogie" to loosen you up, the "Low Down Dirty Blues" to get things going, "From Now On", "Peg Leg Baby" and "7, 8, 9, 10 And Out" with "Hully Gully" to conclude a promising evening. Or as the Mighty Four put it in the booklet "You are so mighty ... I just love it".

I'm not even sure that the CD is actually being sold. In any case, you can go to their website which can be found at

and get in contatct with the band yourself. I suppose this is also true for bookings and the like. Let's have some fun!