Test Your Dr. Feelgood Knowledge

Name The Earliest Band In Which Lee Brilleaux And John B. Sparks Took Part In

Razzmatazz Washboard Band
Pigboy Charlie Band
The Fix
Canvey Islanders
The Southside Jug Band

Dr. Feelgood Were Named After The Song "Dr. Feelgood", But Whose Version?

Chuck Berry
Johnny Kidd And The Pirates
Robert Johnson
Muddy Waters
William "Piano Red" Perryman Aka Dr. Feelgood

Which Guitarist Has A Huge Influence On Wilko Johnson's Playing?

Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Mick Green
Peter Green
Bugs Henderson

Name Dr. Feelgood's Only UK Number 1 Album

Down By The Jetty
Sneakin' Suspicion
Be Seeing You

What Instruments Did Lee Brilleaux Play  On Stage?

Harp And Bass Guitar
Slide Guitar And Piano
Nothing, He Didn't Know How To Play Any Instrument
Lead Guitar And Flute
Slide Guitar And Harp

Under What Other Name Did Dr. Feelgood Also Release A Single?

Carnival Sheiks
Oil City Dealers
Oil Terminal Owners
Oil City Sheiks
Fair City Sheiks

Dr. Feelgood Backed A Quite Well Known Singer For Some Time, Who Was It?

Bob Dylan
Alice Cooper
Johnny Kidd
Cliff Richard

From Which Song Is This? "I Woke Up This Morning Like I Usually Do!"

Back In The Night
Standing At The Crossroads Again ...
Don't Wait Up
Living On The Highway
Shotgun Blues

What Is The Dr. Feelgood Box Set Named?

Looking Back
Twenty Five Years Of Dr. Feelgood
On The Road Again
The Feelgood Factor
Then And Now

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