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Your resident Dr. Feelgood expert speaks:

"This review almost made it and then, just right before the end it falls all apart. It says Pete Gage there, when it's clearly not. The acoustic set is a waste of time (especially since this is not Dr. Feelgood and lacks somewhat on the vocal stuff). And I'm to question the part where it says that the band ... still delight live ... and that the ... Chess Masters album thrilled their fans up and down the country. Well, it didn't thrill this fan (and quite a few others as well - U.K./Rest of Europe/World). But then, I'm speaking only for Dr. Feelgood. Get it? And, yes indeed, this collection does remind us why we all popped down to the doctors in the 70s. And this is exactly why we won't do with a Dr. Feelgood post 1994."