The Lords, the corpse in my cellar! A band from Germany who never had the success they should have had! I mean, they were big in Germany, Switzerland and probably Austria during the 60's! A band who sometimes was worse than your most horrific nightmare, a band who sometimes was better than the Beatles and all other supergroups of the 60's combined. A band who had a leadsinger (Lord Ulli) with a command of the english language, you'd ask yourself why they didn't stick to the german language! The first band I've ever been a fan of!

The band had their 40yrs anniversary gig two weeks ago on Saturday. 40yrs as a skiffle group, then as a beat band, for some time as the "New Lords" and later a reunion again as "The Lords". A band who was always the joke of the intellectuals among the beat/pop/rockfans. But also a band which had weathered many a storm and who continued to please their fans with timeless classics such as "Gloryland", "And At Night", "Fire" etc. A band, which in my opinion, never sold out, as they didn't pretend to be something which they clearly weren't.

Their charismatic singer Lord Ulli said once (I'm quoting from memory): "When I die, I'd like to drop dead from the stage". And that's exactly what happened at their 40yrs anniversary gig. Lord Ulli fell from the stage and broke his skull. He died a few days later in hospital. Why am I telling this? Because 1) my childhood heroes are dropping off faster than one can count to ten and this has been a shock and 2) don't say anything that you might regret when it actually happens! 22.10.1999!


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