Dorpshuis Ruinerworld Holland 1979

Lee, As We Know And Remember Him!

I Can Almost Hear It!

Mr. Bassman On Vocals!

Don't Get Noisy Right Now!

Bloody Hell, The Thing Lives!

Mr. Bassman, Can You Hit The Note?

They Never Told Me It Was That Hot In Holland!

Allright, Who Was It?

Lest We Forget The Big Figure

You Shouldn't Call The Doctor, If You Can't Afford The Bills!

The Guv'nor

There's Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves On The Tree!

I'll Show You How To Play The Thing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand for Albert! The pix are fantastic. ALL OF THEM! They carry the raw energy of Dr. Feelgood way beyond any problems anyone has with focus and such insider stuff as only photographers know how to talk about. I've put them here in the full size I got them, for you to enjoy! Albert, you're among the first couple of people to enter Dr. Feelgood heaven. THANKS! And let's not forget the person without whom Albert couldn't have given me these pix. Arend Nijland who made these pictures all these years ago! It's for people like Arend that we can go back in time. Dynamic stuff (and I'm not exaggerating). THANK YOU!

Memorial 1999 (Another set of pix!) Again, be patient and wait for the download!
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