Memorial 1999

Pete Gage

Gordon Russell

Kevin Morris

P.H. Mitchell

Steve Walwyn (aka Whirlwind)

The Big Figure

Dennis Greaves And Gerry McAvoy (Of Nine Below Zero Fame)

Dennis Greaves (Still Of Nine Below Zero Fame)

Sarah James (Two Timers)

Thanks to Fedde (from Holland) for these pix. And thanks to those who helped me with these files (You know who you are!). Hope you enjoy the pix as much as I do! BTW, I will gladly take any pix you might have with regard to Dr. Feelgood and show them on my website. Just e-mail me these as jpg-files. It would be helpful if you'd mention where and when the shots had been taken. Fire away!

A Collection Of Pix Live In Dorpshuis Ruinerworld Holland - Be Patient And Wait For All Pix To Be Loaded!
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